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Welders Galore

A Comprehensive Guide to the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 is a portable stick and TIG welding machine that’s designed for hobbyists, small-scale fabricators, and professionals. This welding machine can expand the expertise of a welder because it has extra functionality. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Lincoln Square Wave 200 to help you determine if it’s the right machine to meet your current and future needs.

Understanding TIG Welding

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding is a process that uses non-consumable tungsten electrodes in order to create very high-quality welds. An electric arc is formed between the work piece and the tungsten electrode.

The weld area is protected against atmospheric contamination during this process with a shielding gas. This gas is typically argon or helium, it prevents contamination and oxidation that can degrade precision, strength, and quality.

The versatility of TIG welding has made it a natural fit for many industries including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and construction. One of the most favorable characteristics is the ability to create high-quality welds on a range of metals, such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and even exotic alloys. When aesthetic appeal and weld quality are a priority TIG welding is often the go-to solution.

If you’re considering a Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 for your weld shop there are several TIG welding advantages to consider:
  • TIG welding can produce cleaner and smoother welds.
  • With practice, the spatter will be minimal.
  • The welder has precise control of the heat input and the welding parameters.
  • Thin materials can be welded with no distortion.
  • The weld bead appearance is ideal for applications where aesthetic appeal is important.
  • It’s easier to weld dissimilar metals.
  • TIG welding produces minimal fumes and emissions.
These are all desirable qualities, but nothing is perfect and there are some disadvantages to consider:
  • TIG welding is a slower process.
  • The welder needs to have more skill than other welding processes.
  • This is not a good fit for heavy-duty and high-production applications where Metal Inert Gas or MIG welding excels.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Features 

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 TIG welding machine is easy to use and versatile. This is a suitable machine for a wide range of applications. Before you make a purchase, let’s take a look at some of the key features:

Multi-Process Welding:

This model is a multi-process welder which means that you can perform TIG and stick or SMAW welding processes. This adds a lot of value because you can perform a wider variety of welding tasks with one machine.


This welding machine has a user-friendly interface, the controls are logically laid out and an easy to read digital display comes in handy when you need to adjust parameters, such as amperage, balance control (for AC welding,) and pulse frequency.

Compact and Lightweight:

This Lincoln model is lightweight and compact for easy transport to job sites and workshops.

Advanced TIG Welding Technology:

The Square Wave 200 has a number of advanced features, including AC/DC welding capability, high-frequency start, pulse control, and more. AC welding is ideal for aluminum and non-ferrous metals and DC welding is well suited for steel and stainless steel.

Pulse Welding Capability:

This can provide superior control over the heat input to reduce the risk of distortion and place the weld bead with more precision. This is a useful feature to have in your plan to weld thinner materials or aesthetic appeal will be a priority.

A Wide Amperage Range:

This model has a wide amperage range which means that you can weld thin and thick materials.

The Dual Voltage Input:

This welding machine can be powered via 120v or 230v input voltage which is a flexible option if you plan to weld within a variety of electrical systems.

Compatibility with Generators:

Speaking of power, this model is generator-friendly which is useful if you plan to work in remote areas where there is no access to electrical power.

The Foot Pedal:

The Square Wave 200 has an easy-to-use foot pedal to control the amperage precisely as you weld. With practice, the pedal can help you to maintain control and make on-the-fly adjustments throughout the welding process.

The Cooling System:

This model has a built-in cooling system to ensure consistent performance without overheating during a period of extended welding.

Built to Last:

This welding machine is made with durable components that are designed to withstand the typical challenges of welding environments.


The Square Wave TIG 200 comes with a TIG torch, work clamp, cables, and stick electrode holder. Some models have a carrying handle to make transportation even easier.

To summarize, what are the main pros and cons of this particular welding machine?


  • The manufacturer is well regarded in this market.
  • The foot pedal is superior to other welding machines at this price point.
  • Pulse control is a welcome addition and it really adds to the utility of the machine.
  • Lincoln has included a stick electrode with this model.
  • The digital display offers all the visual feedback you will need to make precise adjustments.


  • The arc is strong at startup.
  • The torch has no trigger switch.
  • There is no pre or post gas flow control.
  • The duty cycle is shorter.
  • This is a more expensive machine.

Who Should Choose the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 

The Square Wave TIG 200 welding machine is a capable and versatile model. This would be a great machine for a hobbyist or welding enthusiast who wants to take their welding projects to the next level.

Professionals will also appreciate the capability to work with a wider range of materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys, and other non-ferrous materials. This welding machine is suitable for fabrication and maintenance work.

If you plan to work with thin materials you will appreciate the control and precision of the pulse welding feature. This is an especially useful feature for those who want to work on automotive and aerospace projects.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200: In Conclusion 

The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 welding machine is ideal for welders who are looking for some additional features, precision, and versatility. The capability to weld thin and disparate materials with a clean and precise bead that’s aesthetically pleasing can be a game changer.

If you want to undertake fabrication and maintenance work and need a portable machine that can be powered via a generator, this may be the solution.

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