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Dekopro 110 220v MMA Welder-A Complete Guide  

The Dekopro 110 220v MMA welder is a compact, durable, versatile, and affordable welder that is perfect for new and more experienced welders alike. It is a reliable stick welder that benefits from circuitry that is designed to maintain a stable welding current. This cannot be overstated because fluctuations in current degrade welding efficiency and more splatters are created. This is exactly what you don’t want in a portable arc welder that you may be using on a job site outdoors where cleanup can be a significant problem.

Dekopro is a relatively well-known manufacturer of industrial tools, and they have several welding machines in their product line up. As there are so many machines on the market, we will take a closer look at the Dekopro 110 220v MMA welder to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

The Dekopro 110 220v MMA Welder Basics

The Deko 160a welder is a portable unit with an integrated carrying handle for easy transportation and storage. Being a Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding machine it is suitable for outdoor work, and it can be used in most locations with no problems.

This particular welder is powered with insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter technology, which means that you can weld a variety of metals. Including aluminum, cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel and more.

This is an energy efficient welder that minimizes potential damage to iron and copper and the welding performance is reliable. In addition the Dekopro has a leading control mode which helps the user to maintain a consistent output voltage.

What Accessories are Included When Purchasing the Dekopro Welder 

This Dekopro arc welder machine is supplied as a comprehensive package to get new and more experienced welders up and running quickly.

  • The DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine
  • work clamp with a 9.55 ft. cable
  • plug adapter
  • 19.3 in. and 3.26 in. brush
  • an electrode holder
  • 9.28 ft. cable
  • input power adapter
  • an easy-to-understand owner’s manual.

Key Features of the Deko 160a Welder

The Deko 160a welder has five standout features that make it an attractive option for people that need a portable MMA welding machine.

1.    Dekopro 160a Arc welder has a Compact and Durable Design

This welding machine has a compact and durable design with a built-in strong handle for easy carrying. It is a great welder for daily use and you can move it to different job sites easily and work outdoors. Due to the compact nature, it’s simple to store on a rack or shelf or to keep it handy in a work vehicle.

2.    Is This Welder Simple to Use

The control mechanism on this model is simple to understand and use and it can be grasped easily by less experienced operators. There is a single current adjustment knob to vary the welding current and a digital meter on the left that displays the available amperage supplied to the welding gun.

This welder uses a pair of cables, a 9.28 ft. electrode holder and a 5.96 ft. power cord. These are sufficient to avoid most of the dragging around the job site that you may experience with other models.

3.    A Powerful Fan in the Welder

This welding machine has a hot start feature and a high-efficiency fan to keep the unit cool. There is a mute fan motor that can cool quickly. The motor has excellent heat dissipation properties due to the protection system. Professional welders have reported no overheating issues with this model after lengthy testing periods.

4.   Dekopro Arc Welder has Outstanding Performance

An inverter welder can offer superior performance when compared to a traditional model but there are good and bad implementations of this technology. With this Dekopro arc welder, the balance feels correct and despite the relatively low power-output it delivers a solid welding experience. In fact, it’s fair to say that this model outperforms certain premium-grade welders that cost far more.

dekopro 110 220v mma welder

Within the 10A to 160A amperage range, the output can be easily adjusted to meet your specific welding needs. This flexibility is exactly what a welder needs when working on a simpler or more demanding project. The maximum duty cycle is 60% which means that you don’t need frequent rests to let the unit cool down. Only 4 minutes of rest are required during every 10 minutes of operation which is excellent for a welding machine at this price point.

5.    Flexibility and Versatility of the Welder

The Dekopro MMA welding machine is a flexible and versatile option for people that need to work on a wide range of metals. This little powerhouse can create clean welds on many metals, including: aluminum, steel, mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and more. There is very little splatter to contend with and it works with 6011m, 6013, and 7018 welding sticks.

It uses closed-loops feedback technology to keep the output stable even when working with a variety of electrical networks. The built-in IGBT power system has a control mode that makes this welder extremely reliable and resistant to power spikes. This results in an energy efficient machine that has impressive energy conservation properties when it’s used in a variety of environments.

In Conclusiondekopro 110 220v mma Welder

This is a compact and lightweight welder, the dimensions are: 11.4 in x 4.92 in. x 7.87 in. and it only weighs 12.1 lbs. The frame is constructed from steel and the integrated carrying handle is made from plastic.

The adjustable current range is 10-160A and the rated duty cycle is 40/60(%). This is an excellent little arc welder, and the only real drawback is the stock ground clamp. Many users upgrade this component after a short time because it simply isn’t up to the standards of the rest of the package. The Dekopro 110 220v MMA welder is a great unit for hobbyists, beginners and pros alike and it delivers a lot of portable performance at a relatively low price.

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