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About Leo Buckingham at Welders Galore

Hello and welcome to Welders Galore, where hopefully you will find answers to your questions concerning welders and welding techniques. This site has been built out of a lifelong interest in welding. My name is Leo Buckingham.

While I’m not a professional welder my background in agriculture has given me the opportunity from an early age to become quite good at the art of this skill.

I call welding an art because I believe it is something that is performed with passion, as per an artist.

My First Experience with Using a Welder

Leo Buckingham Welder Enthusiast

I’m currently 63 years old and I can recall, albeit vaguely, my first attempt at Stick welding. It was a stick welder, because they were the only option at the time. I was immediately hooked and became fascinated with the process.

To be able to lay a beautiful bead of weld when the slag lifts off the weld automatically is something else!

Buying My First Welder

I was fortunate to be one of the first to buy a MIG welder in the local area, courtesy of a traveling salesman at the time, back in the early 80’s and found it was a big step for the industry. They proved to be much easier to use and just as importantly much faster to complete jobs with less downtime chipping off the slag.

I am still using that same MIG welder to this day and it is still going strong, some forty years later. It was quite a big investment at the time I recall but great value in the long run.

My Second Welder Purchase

Interestingly, in recent times I purchased an inverter stick welder because I needed to modify a shed at the time, which required me to climb a ladder, so the welder had to be light and portable. While the stick welder fulfilled these requirements, I struggled to make nice welds with it. I had become used to the MIG welder!

Our Aim for This Welding Site

Leo Buckingham wearing Safety Gear

As time has gone by there are many more options in the welding industry, as far as equipment is concerned. For example, the TIG welder, great for light gauge metals. As you could imagine there is much to discuss and learn about welding and so it is my aim on this site to help you as much as possible, whether you are looking for equipment or just some education about how to weld certain materials.

Whether you are looking to get started in welding and looking to purchase your first Welder, or you have been welding for a long time.

We hope to provide information to cover all levels of experience. You may be looking for information to get started with welding and wanting to know what you require. Maybe you just want some information about trouble shooting a problem you maybe having with your welder, or the weld is causing distortion of the metal.

What ever your question we hope to help you find the correct information.

What Welding Topics we are Going to Cover on This Website

How to information around Welders and Welding

  • How to use the different types of welders
  • Which welder is best for welding different types of metals
  • Causes of welding mistakes, how to fix them, how to prevent them from happening
  • Explain different terminology
  • Things that you need to consider before buying a specific type of welder
  • How to weld different metals

Welder Review Articles

  • Reviewing the top welders of a specific type, for example, What are the Best Stick Welders
  • Comparing different welder models, so that you can make an informed decision on which to purchase
  • In depth review of specific welders to help you make a choice

Welding Accessories

  • What extra equipment you need
  • Equipment you need for safety reasons when welding
  • Protective welding gear
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